Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend Update

Today has been a really great day. The weather is just beautiful and we've both gotten a lot done AND had fun with the kids. A lot of times we only manage one or the other. The Weebles spent the morning hanging out with her grandparents while Andrew and I ran separate errands. Then Andrew steam cleaned the wood floors and I finished up the new guest room while the kids napped. This afternoon we went over to Raleigh to the playset warehouse and got a better idea of what kind of playset we are looking for. The Weebles really enjoyed the slides and the "weeeeee!" (swings). Her little fingers must be tired from all the signing "mo! mo!" Unfortunately it is really easy to get carried away with all the options so we're going to have to reign ourselves in a bit to start. Here's hoping for an even better day tomorrow!

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