Friday, April 24, 2009

Frantic Friday

I don't know what it is about Fridays that makes me want to undertake waaaay too much. I think subconsciously I think if I get everything done today then I can just kick back and hang out with the family all weekend. Ha! I think we all know how that turns out. Added to the usual Friday "cleanupthewholehousedotenloadsoflaundryandgetallnextweek'sgroceryshoppingdone" madness is the fact that we are leaving for our first vacation as a family of four mid-week and my to-do list to get ready to leave is about four pages long. We did manage a trip to the park this morning and the Weebles had tons of fun on the slides. I think I must be overprotective. There were other kids her size there and their parents just sat at a picnic table a good forty yards a way eating lunch and talking. Meanwhile I practically had my arms in the air ready to catch my baby at a moment's notice in case she fell. Guess by the time the Peanut gets to be almost 2 I'll just drop them off at the park on the way to the spa...

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