Saturday, April 4, 2009

Feeling judgemental

I feel really guilty for this but I have noticed recently that I get upset when I see a mom using formula. Yes, of course there are medical issues that can interfere with breastfeeding but they are rare. Breastfeeding is hard damn work and I'm the first to admit it but it is such a personal bond to share with a child not to mention the very best nutrition they can have. I don't understand people that have children and then don't expect it to be a really huge sacrifice. I cried every feeding (and that's like 12 a day minimum at first folks) for the first couple months of my daughter's life. We really struggled to get it right. But we finally did and the payoffs are enormous. Not only do I save a hell of a lot of money not having to buy formula but I also don't have to make the goopy stuff nor do I have to wash dozens of little bottle parts every day. Plus did I mention it's the best thing for the kid! The people that actually upset me the most are the ones that don't even try. And the excuses they give! From "it's icky" to "I don't want my boobs to get messed up" I have read all manner of idiotic reasons. The people that claim they have to work and "dont' have time to pump" really get me too. I understand that not everyone is lucky enough to stay home with their children but they still do need to be some sort of priority in your life. You can't find a few minutes a day to pump while at work? How much time to you spend checking your email I wonder? And of course I try so hard to toe the "hey we're all moms in this together let's not put each other down" line and so I feel really awful for feeling judgemental about these moms but I just can't help it. I find myself going down a hormone fueled path looking into those little tiny faces. What else will their parents decide it too much trouble to do for them? Okay, rant over. Back to being just plain mental.

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