Saturday, April 11, 2009

A nap by any other name...

The Weebles' didn't get a nap today. I came home from work and tried to get her to settle down but it just didn't happen. Not surprisingly she then passed out in her high chair halfway through dinner. Our bedtime routine is pretty much set in stone in terms of dinner, bathtime and then bedtime. Tomorrow being Easter her bath just couldn't be skipped. We have family coming in the morning and there isn't any time to try to get in a bath then. I have never seen another human being so sound asleep. Andrew got her up and undressed. We put her in the tub, washed her hair and gave her a bath. All while she was totally asleep. I was thinking hells yes this is going to be an easy bedtime tonight thank goodness. I really needed it after wrangling with her at lunchtime. We got her out and wrapped her up snug in her towel only to have her wake up as we were about to get her jammies on. And we are talking wide awake here. I immediately snuggled her down and tried to get her good and warm thinking surely she'd go right back to sleep. The girl had been so fast asleep I was actually a little concerned about her just moments before. That was an hour ago. She's been nursed, read to, cuddled, and even strolled and she is not showing any signs of slowing down. I, however, am about to crumple in defeat. There are more moments than I'd like to admit that I have the urge to throw a temper tantrum. But I want her to go to sleep dammit! I want to read my new magazine and take a bath! Not to mention isn't it bad for your kid not to sleep? I think I need somebody to put me to bed, I'm cranky.

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