Sunday, April 19, 2009

Top Ten

Top 10 Ways I am a Bad Mama

10. I drink caffeine, lots of it both while pregnant and breastfeeding.

9. My kid loves McNuggets

8. Which she insists on eating in her car seat on the way home. I don't know where she learned that.

7. She also enjoys chocolate milk and even dum dum duuummmm juice on occasion.

6. Both our children have always slept with blankets

5. My daughter has known how to turn on the TV by herself since she was able to sit up and reach the buttons.

4. My toddler does not attend any sort of organized class because she's not even two years old and I'm not particularly concerned yet about her preschool entrance interviews and the ramifications the right preschool can have on her Harvard entrance exams.

3. We eat dinner every night in front of the TV. My children think Jon Stewart is funny.

2. The Weebles was nourished in utero primarily by breakfast burritos while the Peanut was mostly built with chocolate chips.

1. I spend way too much time on the internet leaving my little ones to tear up the house entertain themselves

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