Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunny afternoon

Didn't you get the memo that summer was already here? No? Well we like to celebrate any 70+ degree day with some summertime fun after being cooped up in the house all winter. Andrew took the Weebles outside for some playtime in the sprinklers. The poor Peanut was stuck inside with me while I got the Daily Shred out of the way. Bleh. Have I mentioned how much I love weekends? It seems just wrong that parents have to spend the majority of their waking time (well, maybe I should rephrase that to daytime waking time) away from their kids. Both kids are so much more animated and happy when we are both here with them. I am lucky to get to stay home with them during the week but it makes me sad to think about how much more fun they would have if we were both here all the time. Or, maybe that's what make the weekends seem so fun, that they are different and special?

Enjoying a snack post sprinkler-run

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