Tuesday, April 28, 2009

25 Things - Andrew

In honor of his birthday tomorrow:

1. He always leaves one bite of food on his plate. For the trash gnomes he says.

2. He hates mushrooms and peas

3. He likes to rub Maggie's belly on his head for good luck

4. He wants to be a cartoonist

5. He likes those really awful chocolate covered doughnuts from the grocery store

6. Outback is his favorite restaurant

7. He always sends me flowers for Administrative Professionals Day.. except this year. And I won't let him forget it.

8. He sleeps incredibly soundly.

9. He is slow deliberate a perfectionist

10. He and his brother William like to wrap each other's gifts so that they are very hard to open

11. He used to enjoy a good toga party, and I believe there are pictures to prove it

12. Whereas I like to make to-do lists he prefers to make tallymaster lists that make choosing a movie to watch take four hours

13. He procrastinates. Really badly.

14. He hates the color yellow

15. He nearly died in the hospital after surgery

16. He ran his hands under hot water so they would be warm immediately before walking to the altar. I probably didn't notice because I was too distracted by Gypsi.

17. He cannot tolerate even the tiniest little glimmer of light when he is sleeping

18. He hates things that smell strongly even if it is a nice scent.

19. He is frequently late.

20. He picked out our china pattern

21. His hair was super blonde when he was little

22. He loves dipping green onions in blue cheese dressing although I haven't seen him do this in awhile

23. He eats his cereal without milk

24. He has an instant breakfast almost every night

25. He has a monkey tattoo (not really)

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