Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mama Mama in pajamas

Mama Mama
in Pajamas
Stays home now
that she’s a Mama

Weebles’ Froot Loops on the floor
With a smile signs mo’ mo’ mo’

Mama dresses
And does the hair
Of the Weebles
If she dares

Feeds the Peanut, reads the news
Hopes the Penguins did not lose

Mama Mama
In Pajamas
Has no time for
All this drama

Little Peanut wants a snack
Hold on Mama will be back

Mama Mama
In pajamas
Plays on the floor

Clean up Clean up!
It’s time for lunch
On what would Weebles
Like to munch?

Little Weebles wants her sweets
That is all she’d like to eat

Mama Mama
In Pajamas
Where in the hell
is grandmama?

Down for naptime, read a book
Mama logs on to Facebook

Kids are up, diapers to change
Always different, colors strange

Mama Mama
in Pajamas
Still not dressed,
bakes Lasagna

Check the mail and play outside
Get some rocks to bring inside

Daddy’s home!
Hurry let’s eat!
Get bathtime done,
Mama is beat.

Mama Mama
In Pajamas
Reads a book
About mad Llamas

Turns out light, time for nummies
Drifts to sleep with full tummies

Mama Mama
Clean Pajamas
Rests up for a new day’s drama.

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