Monday, April 6, 2009

Quality Time

Guilt! It is everywhere for me these days. I feel this enormous responsibility when it comes to the kids about everything. One thing weighing on me lately is the amount of one on one time I get to spend with each of them. The Peanut is only 3 months old so his attention span isn't that great. I try to get in several sessions of about ten minutes (that's as long as he really wants to spend with me at a time, I don't blame him) each day just making faces, talking, tummy time, sitting up all that kinda good stuff. And of course there are dozens of other times that I am feeding him or changing him or just hauling him from one place to the other that he is getting interaction also. He's in the playmat/swing/mobile stage where he likes to just sit and watch things and he also likes to practice his hand/arm coordination by batting at toys. The Weebles on the other hand is into everything. The entire day is pretty much spent in a conversation with her but I still feel like we're missing concrete time to just play together. I try to give her my undivided attention while her brother is napping but unfortunately he's not a big napper. I'll get 3 sometimes 4 periods of time during the day where he'll sleep for 30 minutes or less. We play blocks, stickers, her current favorite is cars or dance around to music. The girl has some moves. She also loves loves loves books so she gets probably a half hour or so of reading and snuggling in before naptime and then again after her bath at night. Writing it all out makes me feel a little better because it is hard during the course of the day for the times I am not focusing on them to jump out at me. Time spent Shredding or cleaning the house and of course time spent reading and writing on various blogs. How much time is enough?

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