Thursday, April 23, 2009

25 Things - The Weebles

1. She carries my old blankie and Widget everywhere
2. She prefers pacis with the mouse or duck logo over the bear logo, even though they are the same otherwise. She checks the logo every time.
3. She refuses to use her potty unless she is allowed to close the bathroom door, the girl demands privacy
4. On the weekends she generally calls both Andrew and I "daddymommy" or "mommydaddy"
5. She seems to actually enjoy the taste of bubble solution
6. She is allergic to eggs
7. She likes TV and I'm not too happy about it
8. She has learned how to operate my iPod touch and can turn on her Yo Gabba Gabba video by herself.
9. She hides things in the back of her chair
10. She is totally obsessed with socks. If she finds one of her brothers that has fallen she will take it to him yelling UHOH SOCK SOCK BRUDDER SOCK. She also likes to get socks out for herself and her brother. Sometimes several pair.
11. When she was a little baby she loved to watch hockey with her dad.
12. By the time she was three months old she had already been to five states.
13. She says please, thank you and I'm sowwy.
14. She has already gone through 10 large diaper boxes full of clothes. Having another girl one day just makes good financial sense...
15. She seems to take great pride in carrying lots of things at a time.
16. She likes to collect rocks in the backyard.
17. She is a little wary of plants.
18. One of her favorite things to do is look at pictures of family and point everyone out.
19. She likes to sneak into the laundry room and clean the litter boxes. I will put this to good use when she is a little older.
20. Her favorite book is What do Cows do?
21. She hates being covered up when she is sleeping
22. She doesn't like to eat vegetables most of the time, except at Cracker Barrel. She will eat anything you give her from Cracker Barrel. Even if it is take out. How does she know?
23. She has always liked hip hop. Strange, I know.
24. She enjoys trying to find things that fit into the DVD player on the side of the laptop. I'm not sure it even works anymore...
25. She managed to lock herself into a hotel room and the police had to come to cut the dead bolt off so we could get to her.


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