Friday, April 10, 2009

The Incredible Edible Egg

Daddy Guest Post

On Wednesday I stayed home with the kids while Mary was working. It was the first time I have done so since the Peanut was born. The kids did great, but I did have some help. Not only did Mary come home for lunch, which gave me a break, but she also left me with a great idea for snack time.

After the Weeble woke up from her afternoon nap, I put the kids in jackets (and the Peanut in the stroller), and we headed out into the yard. I directed the Weeble around the house, as I pushed the Peanut along (thanks to our uneven yard, it was a very bumpy ride for the little guy). I found a not-so-sunny spot to park the Peanut, and then continued walking along with the Weeble.

This next bit required a little bit of acting on my part. After we walked a little ways, I let out an excited gasp and looked at the Weeble (which is enough to make her look at me and do this excited face that I, unfortunately, neither have a picture of nor can describe in words). Then I pointed to the grass. What is that???? She was immediately interested. The acting worked. She toddled a few feet forward and found a plastic egg. She promptly handed the egg to me, watched me open it and, to her surprise, reveal two or three Chocolate Bunny Grahams. Suddenly she was captivated...once she ate those bunnies, she was ready to see if she could find anymore eggs hidden in the grass. Way better than snackin' in front of the old TV.

Side notes:

-The Weeble was temporarily distracted during our hunt by the noise of some sort of large vehicle approaching from down the street. I assumed it was a dump truck until she started yelling "bus! bus! bus!" Seconds later, sure enough, a school bus went by. Either the Weeble has an innate ability to identify vehicles by engine noise, or I brought her out at the same time of day that Mary brings her out.

-I realized after we finished that putting Bunny Grahams in the eggs was a little weird. I mean, considering the Easter bunny "lays" Easter eggs...having little baby bunnies inside them might have been taking the symbolism too far. I dunno.

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