Sunday, August 16, 2009

TV = Fail

What show is this? Who are these people? - Me
I think it is Big Brother based on the 800 logos - Andrew
Oh - Me
I don't get it, why can't these people just live together. What is wrong with them? Do they just get a bunch of dysfunctional people and stick them in a house together or what? - Andrew
We also tried to watch Iron Chef (the ingredient was corn people, I thought finally an ingredient I might eat. I had to change it when they busted out the sea urchins.)
Who is the guy that the guy you like for the world title beat? The Canadian one. - Andrew
What? - Me
You know, that guy? I think that guy's Canadian. - Andrew
What are you talking about? - Me
That wrassler - Andrew
You mean Heartbreak Kid? He's Canadian? - Me
No, no the one he beat... - Andrew
What? - Me
Hart? Maybe? - Andrew
Bret Hart? - Me
Yeah, I think he's Canadian. - Andrew
Who in the hell are these Kardashian people that are all over TV these days? - Me
I dunno - Andrew

We don't watch TV. As in, not at all. We used to watch a Tivo'ed episode of the Daily Show during dinner but we started doing the whole family dinner in the kitchen thing so that cut out what was left of our TV. And apparently that's not such a bad thing...

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