Tuesday, August 11, 2009

(Not so) Solid Foods

So. Baby food. I don't particularly like it. I don't like having to buy the eight million tiny jars*. I don't like having to clean out and recycle the eight million tiny jars. I don't like having to fight with my son over who is going to hold the spoon. I'd really rather just go straight to finger foods. Ah finger foods. When mealtime can mean a few minutes with my hands free to empty the dishwasher. Such relaxation...

Now that my son is going on eight months old I thought it would be a good time to break out the puffs and see what he does with them. So far he picks them up, they get stuck to his hand so he has no idea where they went and eventually they fall off his hand into the chair or on the floor. Today I got impatient and figured if he knew the tasty goodness that was Happy Baby Organic Puffs then surely he would make the effort to go the entire tray to mouth distance. So I did what virtually every parenting source says not to do and popped one in his mouth. You'd think I'd given him a slice of lemon. He has this face he does when (I'm guessing?) he doesn't think much of something. He does this with peas and other assorted offerings. He actually makes a gagging gesture with his face.. then he squints his eyes shut and shakes his head back and forth as though trying to remove the memory of the awful taste. This is what the puffs got. Sighs. He does at least seem to enjoy a good teething biscuit...

*Thank you in advance for the advice on frozen baby food. I have a whole freezer full of it. The Happy Baby organic pears and sweet potatoes are so good I actually finish his leftovers. Unfortunately he gives them the "yuck face" (see above)

I have to come back and amend this post because I just tried one of those Happy Baby Organic Puffs and they are, in fact pretty gross. Think rice cake with less flavor. Sorry buddy, back to Gerber and all their added sugar we go.

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