Monday, August 10, 2009

Friday - Weekend

My daughter has taken up saying "Friday - weekend" at random times. And I don't blame her. I realized that with so many fun things taking place recently that we've asked her several times if she knew what the next day was. "It's Friday sweetie, the weekend!" She said it again this morning when I asked if she knew what day it was. It got me thinking, I spend an awful lot (and by that I mean nearly every minute) looking forward to something in the future. It is like the non-weekend days just don't matter. It is all about the days we get to spend as a family. Even just an ordinary weekend sometimes gets overlooked. Right after the baseball game I started looking ahead to two weeks from now when my inlaws will come back to town and we are having Gypsi and Derek's engagement party. Living in the present has been a big goal of mine for awhile now. When Andrew was away at law school is when all this mess started I think. I would essentially close my eyes and just rush my way through each week until the weekend when things could be normal again. Unfortunately I didn't stop it once he came home. Pregnancy didn't help any either as it seemed like I was constantly looking to the next midwife's appointment or milestone. I do feel like I have made a lot of progress in recent months. I try to enjoy the long afternoons coloring and playing blocks with the kids. I realize they are growing up quickly and I already miss the days that are behind us. And really nothing makes you slow down quite like a toddler does it? :) Even a walk to the mailbox is riddled with stops to investigate a new leaf on the ground or an ant scurrying by. Somedays I'm pretty sure my daughter is smarter than me...

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