Sunday, August 30, 2009


Andrew decided we should take the kids to the playground this morning since it wasn't eleventymillion degrees for once. It turned out to be an awesome trip. The Weebles' really got into it for the first time. Running up the steps of the big kid! play structure and going down the slide by herself. There were lots of other kids there in her age range and the dads all sort of worked together. Andrew manned the top of the slide and other dads hung around the bottom. I managed to give the van a good baby wipe detailing.. heh. Sigh.

Andrew wanted me to blog about my near adventure at lunch but I'm still feeling super grossed out and its almost dinner time. Let's just say that Japanese salad dressing looks not totally unlike something you might find, oh let's say, in my son's diaper now and again. And that when you pick up your baby who has NEVER had any sort of blow out it might still be worth checking your hands before continuing to eat your salad. I came THISCLOSE people. Oh my hells.

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