Friday, August 28, 2009


Okay seriously. I get that I am still in a "way too many babies and way too little of me" fog. But I just don't get what the BFD is with this whole Dooce thing. I guess maybe because I'm not out to make money or get free stuff or sell ads or do reviews yada yada yada bullshit I just don't see it the same way. There are people all over the internet that bitch about Maytag.. and front loaders in general. I know because I recently spent about two weeks googling front loading washing machines to figure out which ones to buy. And it seems that the two main complaints are a.) musty smells and b.) error codes and a bitch of a time getting them fixed, even new. So when I saw her original tweets I knew what the problem was. I didn't need her to explain it to me. And even if I didn't does she really "owe" me that information? I don't care if everyone on the planet follows Dooce, it shouldn't matter. We can all use our brains and our typing fingers just like anyone else to research something. I'm not going to choose a washer and dryer solely based on what she said in 140 characters... or even 1,400 characters if she tweeted 10 times about it. And even if I was that much of a lemming.. them's just the breaks. Too bad for Maytag. If they fixed the problem for her like they should do for any customer, then I would hear about that also and then maybe I'd be all impressed with them. Whatever. I happen to have ended up buying a Maytag, one a hell of a lot less nice than Heather's. It works just fine, as a matter of fact I lurrrve it. Some days more than my kids cause they refuse to sleep at the same time.

I'm not sure what I'm missing here. If Michael Jordan can go out and pimp Nike and get paid for it no less shouldn't Reebok have the same argument? It's just not fair that somebody so popular isn't liking our brand. But in Heather's case she's actually telling us her experience with it... and she isn't getting paid to do so. Not to mention for Chrissakes' it's TWITTER people. I know there are people out there that tweet all this nonsense about "hey buy my seminar" and "hey shop at my online business" but for the most part I thought God intended Twitter for pure time wasting and bullshitting. I really think people are getting their "no specific brand" of undies in a bunch over this for nothing. And for their sakes I hope they have functioning washing machines.

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