Friday, August 21, 2009

Life with kids

There is no denying that children change your life. However there are the little things that I don't even really notice anymore. For example:

Want to take a bath?

Yep, that's a watering can in the tub. It used to be outside but I guess the Weebles thought she'd have more fun with it in the bath. We've actually cut down the # of toys she keeps in there believe it or not.

How about wash your hands or brush your teeth?

Since she doesn't always have time for a bath, the sink makes an acceptable substitute. Since we taught her to wash her hands we've had to keep a close eye out for faucets left running. Speaking of, I HATE my faucets. The people that built this house must have owned stock in the shiny brass fixture company because I'm slowly purging it from the house.

You can just repeat for the kitchen, bedrooms, back porch and the living room? Oh my goodness, the insanity that is our living room.

And this isn't even the half of it. I've already been picking up toys off the floor for probably half an hour. I used to go in houses where there were no pets and marvel at how untouched their plants were and how quiet and still everything seemed. Now I go to houses with no children and wonder "where is all the stuff?"


  1. You need one of those things the Cat in the Hat had, that he drove around the house and used to pick up all the detritus from his various exploits. If you get a lead on one, would you let me know? Thx.

  2. PS: Just added you to my reader. Found you on D List.

  3. Ha! That is too funny. Sometimes I think to myself when I look around:

    And this mess is so big
    And so deep and so tall
    We can not pick it up.
    There is no way at all!

    I'll be sure to let you know if I figure that one out. Where is the merchandising Seuss publisher people??