Friday, August 7, 2009

My little Weebles,

Today you turn two. TWO. As in TWO YEARS. How can that be? We named you Weebles when you were still in my belly, before we even knew you were a she. When I was pregnant I was a little ambivalent I admit. I was happy to be having a baby for sure, but I wasn't so convinced that there was, in fact, a baby in there. But you were in there all right. Shoving things around until you got your space just how you wanted it, only to decide that's not what you wanted at all and demanded that you were ready to be born. Sounds about right.

When we brought you home I loved and guarded you ferociously. I couldn't sleep if you were not within reach. I remember the first night that I moved your bassinette three feet away from the side of the bed so it would be easier for me to get up at night and I woke up and totally freaked out because I hadn't had verification you were breathing for thirty whole minutes. I remember talking to Andrew about how I would never, ever, ever be able to put you in your room at night. That it felt ten thousand miles away from me. Of course we do put you in your room at night now, but lots of nights you still come down and snuggle next to us for at least a couple of hours. And you still feel ten thousand miles away when you aren't right next to me.

You have learned so much. You can walk and run and climb. You can talk and ask questions. You have wonderful manners and love to chat with people in the grocery store. And my God do you love to sing and dance. Sue Faulkner is going to just eat that up with a spoon.

I am still fiercly protective of you, but now that your little brother is here it is different. All my fears and worries and anxiety are not centered only upon you, now I fret over both of you. So you get a break which is one reason why I wanted to have at least two children.

Speaking of your little brother, you are the world's best sister. You never even batted an eye when he came home. You bring him toys and try to show him how to do things. You tell him "it's otay buddy" when he is upset or frustrated. The first thing you ask when you wake up from your nap is "where's drew?" and then when you hear him wake up over the monitor you get all excited and say "brudder's up!" and tug me towards the gate to go upstairs and get him.

The next year will bring many new changes I am sure. I can't wait to see all you learn and how much you grow over the next twelve months. Some days I am sad, I miss you being a baby already. But it is fun to see you branch out on your own and get glimpses of the little girl you are becoming. Just be sure to come back and check in with your mama every now again, kay?

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