Saturday, August 8, 2009

Takes the cake

The Weebles is allergic to eggs and therefore can't have a regular cake from a regular bakery like most other little kids. This means she automatically misses out on those garish airbrushed Disney designs you can order from the local grocery store. Last year I baked her her very own small cake using applesauce as a replacement and got a regular cake for everyone else. Applesauce works okay but it really does make the cake a little too moist and crumbly. It is tough to eat and a nightmare to frost. Plus, I really suck at decorating cakes. So this year I went with a local high end organic store with a bakery and ordered a vegan cake. I explained to the lady in the bakery that it was for my two year old's birthday and she said no problem. So, I sent my poor husband to pick it up yesterday only a couple of hours before the party. As requested, it said Happy Birthday. At least that is what I think it said. Because the letters looked like they had been written in ice cream and had all totally melted and pooled together. The cake was chocolate, so it was all brown. With some brown icing around the border. And this lettering was in white. And that was it. For a two year old. I'm not sure where the communication broke down but I've ordered dozens of cakes in my life and I've never gotten one that looked more inappropriate for the situation than that one. Not even a flower or something? My husband saved the day by using a toothpick to remove the illegible white goop and replaced it with colorful candles that spelled out Happy Birthday and some fun pink icing he picked up at the store. Otherwise everything went great. Will post on the big weekend tomorrow.

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