Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Babble from a sleepy Mama

The Peanut pulled up to standing today. So that wasn't terrifying or anything. He's not even eight months old! I cannot believe how much faster he is progressing at the gross motor skills than his sister did. Today was the first time I've ever seen her jump with both feet. Something she no doubt learned from watching me play EA Sports Active. He still is behind where she was on fine motor skills but I hope he'll turn his focus to those soon. Sleeping in the full size crib isn't going well. He was up the first night three or four times and up every hour last night. I think we must be in the midst of a sleep regression for both kids at the same time. I'm too tired to figure out if it is better to get two over with at once or if it would be easier if at least one of them was sleeping. Last night I was tempted to just turn the TV on and plop them in front of it and go back to bed. I'm going to bed while I can. :)

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