Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You're the cats

I'm not going to lie, we live in an all out cattery. We have four feline residents currently that let us live here with them, doling out the kibble and cleaning up their messes. I used to really love my cats and I suppose on the off second when the kids are busy or sleeping (he, yeeeah) or occasionally even when the s^&% is hitting the fan and I stop and see a bundle of fur all curled up peaceful I still remember that they are certainly a special part of our lives. The Weebles loves her cats. LOVES THEM. Probably more so than they would like. Especially now that she can actually catch up to them when they play chase and is also learning that she can pick them up (sort of) and move them around to her liking. Maggie and Cat were two of her first words after uh oh, not a coincidence since uh oh is frequently said regarding Maggie and his (yes his) activities. As any cat owner will tell you, well except for maybe the ones that are totally nuts, cats make life... interesting. Nothing is ever where you left it, you will find pee in the strangest places (stove? shoes? on the mail? I swear our cats peed once on a print out we had on how to stop your cats from peeing outside the litter box. I couldn't have made that one up if I tried.) and guaranteed at the moment you need them to be quiet, for example when you are trying to coordinate TWO small children's naps who are fighting them, they will decide it is a perfect time to meow loudly and walk all over the bed. I always knew I'd love my kids more than my pets, I just couldn't actually imagine it. However, once they arrived the contrast was shocking. It takes those quiet moments to remember how much they do mean to me. As our children grow up I hope they will inherit our love of animals. I always thought that people that didn't have pets must have such normal boring lives. Now I feel that way about people that don't have children. What on earth do they do with all that time? What did I do with all that time?

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