Monday, March 16, 2009

Five Second Rule

When The Weebles was a newborn I wouldn't have even thought about letting her precious skin touch the carpet. I vacuumed relentlessly and always put down a blanket for her to play on. The discovery of crawling made that slightly more difficult to maintain but every evening I faithfully vacuumed the entire downstairs of our house. Now I'm lucky if I vacuum once a week, every two weeks for sure though cause the in laws usually come and we can't have them thinking we're messy folks now can we? I do try to put down a blanket for The Peanut to roll around on, but if one isn't nearby I have been known just to plunk him down. But the real kicker is food these days. The Weebles has become the sterotypical picky eater. I can put any manner of yummy things on her plate for her to eat and the majority of it she doesn't even bother to try. Even pudding got the cautious eye! Pudding! The confusing thing is she will find things on the floor and happily pop them in her mouth no problem. Play Doh? YUM! A stray ice cube in front of the fridge in the kitchen? MM MM Good. Even an uncooked chunk of potato the other day I dropped while transferring from the cutting board to the stove. Seriously? She won't eat them cooked on a plate but raw on the floor is good eats. Cheerios used to be a favorite but now she'll maybe eat one or two and then gleefully throw the rest around (thanks PaPa for teaching her to feed the deer, she is applying that principle all over the place these days!). Admittedly I no longer flinch when she eats them off the floor in the house, as a matter of fact I'm usually excited she's actually eating something. She had a container of them in the car yesterday on our trip home from Asheville and therefore the entire second row of the van was littered in Cheerios. Andrew and I threw them on the ground as we got them up only to hear Weebles screaming NO NO NO as she ran about frantically picking them up off the ground and eating them! It didn't help that it had been raining for like six weeks straight. Soggy, dirty Cheerios. I guess at this rate her immune system will be great.

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