Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Dancy Dance Time

The Weebles has always loved to dance. She's got this adorable foot shuffle that she has expanded in recent months with a pretty snazzy spin move. Our dancing had so far been limited to times that others were dancing on the TV. The 4:30-6 window around here is dicey for attitudes, both theirs and mine. Everyone is tired and I'm pretty much out of tricks to keep them laughing. On a whim yesterday I turned on the iPod and found some nice fast paced music and started hoppin' around old school style. Weebles stared at me for a minute or so and then let loose with her best little girl shrieking. She loved it. We must've run a mile around the bedroom spinning and laughing. The Peanut found it a fascinating show to watch. Weebles enjoyed some Beastie Boys, some AC/DC and of course MMMMMBop which I'm trying hard to teach her to say. After each song as her elderly mama collapsed on the floor she'd run up signing MO' MO' excitedly. I think the five o'clock dance party is going to become a regular in our schedule.

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