Friday, March 20, 2009

Look Who's Talking

The Weebles has been talking for awhile now but her vocabulary (that we understood anyway) was limited to perhaps 20 words or so even though she understands virtually everything we say. Whether or not she listens when we say it all depends. However, just in the last week or two she has really started repeating and adding words to her vocabulary. Some favorites of mine are "otay" (okay) and "bus" and also "cheese" whenever she sees a camera. She also has started saying juice, dolly, yehyeh (for Lily) and brudder for The Peanut. When she first started to talk I was very impatient for her to say "mommy" thinking that would be my favorite thing to hear. She certainly says it plenty these days, never once at a time either. It's usually "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy... ut oh mommy" and I do love hearing her say it. But what surprised me was how much more I love hearing her say her own name. It is really adorable. You can point to her in a picture and she will get excited and say JEWIE! It's so cute that I've caught myself calling her Jewie. Just for the sake of record keeping some other often used words are: bubble, oopth (oops), widgee (Widget), paci, banyee (blankie), daddy (of course), Papa, CiCi, nana (banana), cup, wow wow, no no no, up up!, bear, mee mees (nummies), baw (ball), baby, mo mo (more, with sign), shoes, night night, and GO GO GO. I never tire of hearing her sweet little voice and knowing what she is thinking about. Unfortunately now I'm really going to have to try to stop swearing.

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