Friday, March 6, 2009

Open Window Day!

I am so looking forward to spring. Windows open, half the laundry to deal with and lots of playtime outside for the kids. The Weebles loves to walk around the yard and collect rocks and acorns. The Peanut isn't too sure about being outdoors just yet but then again he's only really be exposed to chilly weather so I don't blame him. I managed to clean and organize our bedroom and bathroom yesterday. My post motivated me to dig out from under some of the toy clutter and get things done. It's like living in a new house! Today I am hoping to tackle to living room although that will be trickier as The Weebles has to have somewhere to play after all. But a few less Happy Meal toys won't ruin the fun I hope. We are in a blissful period where a schedule is starting to take shape. Every day from about 12-2:30 both kids sleep. The Peanut's other naps are more flexible, he usually dozes for at least a few minutes in the morning and then again sometime in the late afternoon. Our nighttime schedule has been in place for a few weeks now. Peanut's bath before Andrew gets home, dinner for everyone and then Weeble's bath after dinner. Then they both get tucked in and read stories. I'm afraid to get too excited about how well life is going with two kids. Those first few days were such trial by fire (okay okay PURE HELL might be more like it) that I never believed I'd see the day that I would start to feel like I had a handle on this gig. Of course, I'm seeing signs that The Weeble's two year molars are coming in... so that's sure to put me back in my place.

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