Friday, March 27, 2009


Too. Much. Internet. I read an article last night (not online, thankyouverymuch) about moms that spend too much time online. It is easy to do. Between keeping up with friends, researching milestones/symptoms, looking for new activities to do with the kids, and most importantly.. shopping online I can easily spend up to 8 hours a day piddling around on the internet. Generally I am nursing the Peanut, or the kids are napping or I'm just doing a quick email check in the middle of playtime but still it is time I am taking away from spending with my kids. It is easy to feel isolated when you are home with two small children all day every day. I spend 10 hours a day by myself for the most part and the internet is a vital part of how I stay connected to the outside world. So while I don't think it is possible for me to give it up entirely I am going to try for the next week to be more mindful of the time I spend aimlessly reading through the latest on my baby chat rooms or looking for yet another Carter's sleeper. My mom blogs? Yeah.. not giving those up. :)

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