Thursday, March 5, 2009

Clean House?

I will preface this post with the disclaimer that I have never been particularly Martha Stewart-eque however I do tend to function better when things are fairly well organized and you can walk to the kitchen without stepping on bananas, small plastic toys, cheerios, mittens... you get the idea. For those of you considering having children let me warn you, your house won't be clean again for any length of time until they move out. The Weebles is a tornado when it comes to messing things up. I used to pick up every single toy every night after she went to bed and match all the pieces up with their respective sets. Each morning she would wake up and immediately begin flinging and dumping baskets of toys until every single thing she owned was on the floor somewhere (or occasionally in the bathtub, oy the stuff in our bathtub). Now that baby #2 is on the scene I just haven't had the energy or motivation to do the complete nightly clean up every night and some days things just get straight up out of hand. About every other week my in laws come to see the kids so I can count on myself to at least have a complete clean up that often. (I do it for their visit, I do not put my in laws to work cleaning the house for the record.) I'm about to start the weekly clean and am always amazed by just how much stuff there is out. A few weeks ago things were REALLY bad and I found 10 minutes to cram about half the toys into empty diaper boxes and hide them. That is helped cut down on the sheer quantity of plastic on my floor. During the last few months of my pregnancy I hired a cleaning service but eventually gave up and cancelled them because it was nearly impossible to get all the toys picked up so they could actually get to surfaces to clean them. As soon as I would put away one basket of toys The Weebs would toddle right up and dump it out. Anyone have any tips for keeping the house somewhat inhabitable while raising small children?

The living room at the start of the day. Whew.

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