Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Off Day

Have you ever had a really productive day only to follow it up with a day where you hardly managed to get out of bed? Yeah, I'm having one of those follow up days. I don't know why I can't seem to get into the swing of things today. The Weebles struggled with her nap and never fell asleep so that's always good for throwing the entire day off. I tried cranking the radio and dancing around with the kids but that didn't even cheer us up. Bleh. I had some fairly big goals for today WiiFit, Shred, and get the kitchen and porch organized. Not to mention, I don't know.. maybe play with my kids a little. Some days it seems like I spend so much time having to deal with meltdowns and interruptions that we don't actually get to have any fun. We went through a phase one time where I literally spent the entire day for several days in a row trying to get The Weebles to sleep. That was back when she was still on two naps a day. That caused us to switch to one nap to ensure she would actually go down without a fuss and to lessen the amount of time spent putting her to bed. It seemed to work until now. Let's hope she isn't going to be one of those kids that gives up their naps entirely by the time they are two. I need a nap...

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