Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why I love living with a two year old

I have been thinking about what brings on the "terrible twos" and I think there is a point where a child goes from being a cute little bundle just along for the ride to being their own person. This, at least for us, is coinciding with the second birthday. Now my daughter knows what she wants and has the means to ask for it. She understands choices and desperately wants to be able to make them for herself. This has been really hard for me to come to grips with. But after giving it some thought while lying in bed for hours upon hours waiting for her hard head to go to sleep I can see why this change is (of course) necessary and also welcome. I'm glad to see her growing and learning. I'm glad to see her new found independence and hope that she learns to really appreciate and trust herself. It is a lot of responsibility on us as parents to make sure she gets the guidance she needs from us so that she learns how to cope with her bigger than life emotions and also how to make good decisions. Yipes. File this one under: Who thought us being parents was a good idea?

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