Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear Noggin

What the hell are you doing with your schedule? Are you not aware that children THRIVE on routine? What is up with these marathons of shows at odd times of the day. Every day the schedule is different. Don't you know that we eat breakfast during Franklin and lunch during Oswald. And if I have to watch the Fresh Beat Band, which was only a month ago the Jump Arounds, one more damn time I'm going to flip. They aren't any more talented or appealing than they were with the old name. Nope, still sucks. I want to kick that tall white guy in the teeth. I don't know who is in charge over there but please fix it. The next thing I know I'll be watching two straight days of Oobi.


PS. If you tinker with Wubbzy in the 5:30 time slot, we're through.

PPS. If anyone out there is feeling judgy about my kids watching TV during mealtime I respectfully tell you to suck it. I have to put my baby down for a nap while my toddler is eating and unless you have a better idea the best thing I've found for keeping her from covering my walls with mac and cheese is to let her zone out to "educational" telly. She's got real good interpersonal skills I tell ya...

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