Monday, July 13, 2009

Mishmash Monday

When there just aren't any coherent thoughts... here are some winners I decided not to tweet, complete with hashtags.

The Peanut's first teeth are starting to come in. So far he's been a real champ about it. #thewhiskeymustbeworking

My uncle spent the weekend visiting with us and the kids. He had one too many daiquiris and got the giggles and in general behaved like an asshat. Good times. #atleasthedidn'tstealfromus

Left the Weebles' with her Papa for the first time while I ran to Wal-Mart. Got the call ten minutes later to pick her up. Found her alone in the back yard sobbing in the grass. #babysittingfail

Still pondering how to go about tactfully asking someone I haven't seen in awhile if they are pregnant. Either they are or they need to burn the shirt they are wearing in that photo. #justsayin

Peanut is outgrowing the minicrib but Weebles is still sleeping in the full size one. Can't decide whether to buy a second full size crib or get with the program and finish babyproofing the entire upstairs and move Weebs to a big girl bed. #babybunchinghurtsmybrain

Both my kids are about to be in the same size diapers even though they are a year and a half apart. #thingsthatmakemylifeeasier

After looking at some recent photos on the Facespace I have come to the conclusion that while I never really felt I "got" fashion I am totally lost at what people are wearing these days. I saw a picture of one girl wearing a full on 80's get up and then another her same age wearing a skin tight t-shirt with a picture of a wrestler on it. #imustbereallyreallyreallyold

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