Thursday, July 9, 2009


If given one day from my pre-baby life here is roughly how I'd spend it.

I'd sleep. I'd take some Tylenol PM if I had to but dammit I'd sleep. A lot. Like at least ten hours. Considering I get about four (total, not in a row) now that would be quite a change.

I would actually plan out something decent for myself to eat rather than grabbing at whatever is closest and fastest and will also suit a toddler that basically likes rice, fruit and chicken nuggets.

I would take a shower without having to worry about the toddler that had insisted on coming in with me and just how cold she must be because she refuses to get under the water. The poor kid is a babysicle every time. Then I'd take a bath. With adult bubble bath instead of the pthalate free kid variety. It would also be at least 110 degrees.

I might even watch a little TV. I watch NO TV now unless Noggin counts. I miss the Daily Show.

I think I'd go to a movie. It has been right at two years since I've been to one. I doubt I've missed anything but still...

And I suppose given that I will have had an entire day to myself I might even get around to spending a little time with the husband. As it is now both of us are running on such a "me time" deficit that we gladly wave goodbye to each other when the last kid is finally in bed in search of our own activities. Meaning I usually twitter and go to bed and Andrew usually stays up and draws. And those are the nights when there is any time at all left over for such a thing. Tonight will not be one of those nights.

However, as much as I'd love to fit in a little more time for my old life I know how I would really spend the day. I'd spend it missing the hell out of my babies and running to find them where ever they were.

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