Thursday, July 2, 2009

From Daddy

Six months. It's really hard to believe that six months have flown by since you came into our lives. I love how you and I get up first thing in the morning (typically, while the ladies sleep in a little bit). You gurgle with happiness when I appear over your bed, and carefully watch me from your highchair as I feed the cats and start the morning routine. There used to be a time where I could safely put you on your playmat on the floor in the bathroom while I took a shower. But then, one day, without warning, I came out of the shower to find that you had turned over onto your stomach and had scootched backwards about ten feet. Whoops. Now there's no looking back. Your stationary days are over.

About the time that I am out of the shower and putting in my contacts, your sister typically bursts through the bathroom door looking for us. Your eyes, so unfocused and sleepy as a newborn, watch her so intently now as she walks around. You obviously think she's the bee's-knees, and I guess that one reason you're so intent to go mobile is so you can follow her around and get into trouble with her. I am looking forward to watching you try to emulate her. Of course, you already do that to a certain extent, given that anytime you see her crying you invariably break down and start wailing right along with her, even if you were happy and giggling just two seconds earlier.

But your eyes light up the most for your mommy. I've never seen a smile quite as large as the one on your face when I fly you towards her in the morning when she's waking up (or, any other time she comes into your line of vision). This is all understandable, of course, because my eyes light up for her too.

It's hard to leave on weekdays to go to work, but I enjoy what time we do have in the evenings when I return. I enjoy having dinner as a family, and love watching you flail your arms in the general direction of any food-filled spoon headed your way. It won't be long before you'll be sitting up in the chair picking up puffs off of your tray and cramming them into your mouth.

It's an interesting thing, watching you grow up. Just like with your sister, when I look back at how you were, I miss that younger version of you. In a month I will miss the way you are now. At the same time, my love for you grows as you grow. I love you more now than I loved you before. In a month I will love you even more. It's an interesting dynamic. It's what makes watching you grow up so exciting.

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