Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Watch your language

I've long been a fan of swearing. It is just so cathartic for me. I've never understood why certain words are so much worse than others. If the intent is the same does it really make it any better if you substitute dang or fiddlesticks? Plus having a parent in the ministry I see a lot of ministers off duty and quite a few of them have used words I was surprised to hear so hopefully that means Jesus isn't too mad about it. I realized yesterday that I was positively giddy listening to an Insane Clown Posse song on a rare child free trip to the doctor it was so jam packed with profanity. It was like eating something that was too sweet. Of course we are trying our best to watch what we say these days. We have a little copy cat running around underfoot that is just dying to try out any new words she hears. And while I might not be able to help myself and laugh when she repeats something she "shouldn't" I doubt her preschool teacher one day will find it very amusing when parents are calling to complain that their little angels have come home with a whole new vocabulary courtesy of my daughter.

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