Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Our doula told me in our childbirth classes that I shouldn't expect Andrew to mother the children the same way I do. She said to remember he's the dad and not the mom and to let him do things his way when he was taking care of the kids. I admit I was doubtful given that he put the clothes on backwards when I had him dress one of my childhood Cabbage Patch dolls. Twice. But her advice comes back to me from time to time when Andrew isn't doing things the way I would. Whether it's getting the Weeble totally wired with a game of puppet chase right before bed or not sticking to the routine 100% I try to remind myself not to get frustrated. As the kids' happy squeals bounce off the walls at 8 pm I know that they absolutely love every minute they get to spend with their dad. Minutes that aren't nearly plentiful enough given Andrew's long commute every day that keeps him away from home often over 10 hours a day. Even though I'm tired and want those kids inbedalready! I have to smile seeing how happy they are and thinking about how lucky they are to have him for a dad. I'm still not letting him take my babies in the ocean however...

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