Thursday, June 18, 2009

Change of scenery?

We've always planned to move to Asheville. Every so often we talk about when we'll go. How it is all going to work, or not work as the case may be. My parents have known this plan all along, and while they haven't voiced a major opposition I know when the time comes they are going to be mighty upset. Not only to lose their tech support and fast food delivery person but to lose the ability to see their grandbabies on a daily basis. All other things being equal, I prefer Asheville to Hillsborough any day of the week and probably twice on Sundays since there are more churches to choose from. :) However, I just don't know how I'll ever get over the guilt of taking my children away from my mom. Plus there are a ton of benefits to living near them of course. I feel like I can call them any time of the day or night and expect them to be ready and willing to help out. They are my parents so I can feel that way. I love love LOVE my inlaws but it would be understandably different. I can't be quite the same level of brat with someone else's folks. I wouldn't always feel comfortable calling my mother in law and whining that I got no sleep and expect her to run over to entertain the kids for a bit... every single day. I wouldn't feel comfortable calling my father in law to complain that the lawn needed mowing and I didn't want Andrew to have to spend half our precious Saturday doing it and expect him to run over Friday morning and take care of it. So then we're back to square one. One thing is for sure, we're going tomorrow. If only for a visit.

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