Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pottery Barn

I made a very rare trip to the mall today with both kids. "The mall" meaning the big one thirty minutes away. The Weebles has outgrown her baby sized Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids that she has so coveted this last year. It's gone everywhere with us and is second only to her blankie in favorites. I am a big time internet shopper. I so prefer to sit at home and order items to be brought to me and left on my doorstep. This seems much easier until I realize that my garage is completely full of cardboard again and that I have to break it all down and recycle it. So I turned to to order up a brand new chair in the bigger size. However, the shipping all together on the stupid thing came to nearly $50 and not even I am lazy enough to not at least try to drive over and pick it up myself for that much. However, in retrospect, that $50 would have been a savings compared to what I'm going to spend now. Everything in the store was the perfect size for a little toddler. She ran from one thing to another climbing up in a adirondack chair, checking out the miniature picnic table and benches, playing with the notmadeofcheapplastic kitchen stuff. Oh my hell. The stuff I wanted to buy. I couldn't mentally write it all down fast enough. Oddly enough the one thing she didn't seem interested in was the damn Anywhere Chair which I did manage to purchase even while chasing her from one end of the store to the other with her brother in tow. If anyone from Pottery Barn is interested in using me for advertisement by all means. I will gladly include the words Pottery Barn in every post for the rest of my blogging days if you'd like to hook me up.

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