Monday, June 22, 2009

Time flies

My little boy is growing up and I am so not ready for it. With the Weebles I didn't get terribly nostalgic over milestones. I was able to enjoy them as the new and exciting things that they are. But for some reason I am getting quite sad that my Peanut is not longer a tiny little thing. Maybe it is because I know they stay little such a short time. Before I know it he'll be walking and talking and counting and identifying triangles (seriously where did she learn that??) and the Weebles will be rolling her eyes and not speaking to me. The boy is very fond of his new "eating solids" skill set. He has enjoyed peas and winter squash with unbridled enthusiasm. I'm not one of those moms that discusses things in the *ahem* diaper department on a frequent basis. At least not unless I'm talking directly to another mom. Perhaps it is just another sign that my PP hormones are still totally whack that I am feeling blue about my baby's dirty diapers. He's definitely not a little newborn anymore. I'd better slow down and pay attention or he'll be all grown up on me. He's already gotten whining like a teenager down. Ehhhhh, uggggh, ehhheheheh.

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