Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Five months

My little peanut is five months old today. Five months that have been sharply divided between "oh my God I want to send this thing back where it came from" and pure bliss. After he got over his whole I Scream A Lot, Basically Whenever My Eyes are Open phase, he turned into the sweetest smiliest happy little guy I've ever met. And drooliest. My God the drool. He especially likes to stick his little fists in his mouth, get them good and drooly and them paw all over my shoulders and face. He also enjoys stuffing fistfuls of my newly cleaned and dried hair in his mouth leaving it goopy. I love how when he dozes off while nursing he'll have my cross pendant clenched in his tiny fist as if to say "you're not fooling me again woman, I'm holding onto you this time." Last night he started imitating the Weebles. She would yell really loud and then he would too, both of them laughing. He's now a champ in the exersaucer and the jumperoo, which gives us a whole new dimension of things to do during the day. He's getting his knees up under him now when he is on his belly and its starting to make me nervous. I'm not ready for him to go totally mobile. How on earth will I keep all the small choking hazards off the floor with a toddler running around dumping entire cups of fruit loops on the carpet? He's turned the corner and I can totally see my son the toddler instead of just my son the little baby. His room is all ready, we're just trying to decide what to do about a crib. Kick the Weebs out and give him that one? Buy a new one? Or just move the minicrib from our room upstairs. I am hopeful that his sleep will be even better once he's in a room of his own that is away from all the insanity that his sister blesses upon us. Speaking of his sister, I'd better go find her and get her down for her nap. She should be done eating her "nug-gucks" by now.

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