Wednesday, May 13, 2009


All of a sudden I live with a crazy person (well one besides myself). I'm constantly thinking must remember to blog about this and then I forget. But here are just a couple of examples recently.

* I was eating some toast and Weebles saw me. Toast Toast she insisted. So, I got up and made her a piece of toast. All the while she stood there in front of the toaster yelling and screaming TOAST TOAST TOAST as though her very life depended on getting that piece of toast. Finally it was done and I handed it to her. HOT! She said and dropped it. And that was that.

* This morning I set her ball pit back up. The one with 200 plastic balls. Who on earth had that bright idea? Anyway she was frantic for me to get them all in the tent. Because, you know, she had dumped all 200 of them out on the floor while I was setting the damn tent up instead of waiting and dumping them in the tent. As soon as I got them all in she happily threw herself in with them. Immediately she got agitated and started screaming OUT OUT and throwing all 200 back out of the tent on the floor. Once they were out she looked at me pitifully and said Help ? Help ? To put them back in. Nosiree, I don't think so.

The tantrums in general. OhmyGOD the tantrums. I took some video the last couple of days. We have a new thing where every day after naptime is a good half hour cry and throw ourselves on the floor-fest. I can't figure out what is going on there.

It seems like for every action there is an opposite and equally intense reaction. Everything that makes her really happy these days then causes a total fit when it is over. A trip to the park? Pure glee until time to go and then we must endure screaming as though she is being poked by hot needles. Popsicle for snack? Once it is gone and she realizes her demands for mo' mo' aren't going to be met she instantly goes face down on the floor howling. But the most puzzling is the tantrums where she really really wants something and as soon as I give it to her she acts disinterested. She must've asked me for yogurt fifty times this morning before I could get to the fridge and hand it to her. Then she set it down and walked off. Wonder how long this phase lasts?

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