Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Plan

Any plan really. I'd really love a five year plan. Where we'll live, what school the kids will go to. That sort of fun stuff. However, at this point even a plan for dinner would be something to go on. Special days tend to get tense around here. And here is why: My husband doesn't plan. Oh sure, he'll frantically have something express shipped a day (or hey, maybe even two!) in advance. But as far as a plan for the day? Not a chance. I think he is well meaning. I really do. I think he assumes "hey we'll do whatever she wants!" But this doesn't work. Moms know what I'm talking about here. Because basically that dumps the meal/activity planning right back in my lap and I get the pleasure of doing that every day thankyouverymuch. I don't want to plan. Come up with something. And you know what? If you are so convinced I won't like it, come up with TWO options and I'll pick. But don't just let the day lolly gag around with me expecting that you have some sort of surprise going and you just sitting around waiting for me to say "hey honey, today we're going to the store! Won't that be fun?" Because at some point I'm going to be hungry and cranky and then we'll be stuck in a panic trying to squeeze some sort of meal in before the kids fall apart all over the living room floor in exhaustion. If you want my input ask me a couple of weeks in advance. If it is Mother's Day or my birthday (conveniently located in close proximity to each other) assume the ball is in your court.

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