Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Best Day

Being a parent is a series of moments where you think "this is the best day of my life, this moment right here I'll remember forever." Unfortunately I've already long forgotten hundreds of these moments. Tonight we sat on the kitchen floor in our PJ's, Andrew the Weebles and me, eating warm Rice Krispie treats I'd just made right out of the mixing bowl. We each had our own spoon and ended up getting marshmallow all over ourselves. Yummy, Weebs said grinning. Waking up this morning with one of my peacefully sleeping children on either side of me is another. It is impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the blessing of your children when you watch them sleeping so innocently. Or after naptime today when the three of us were on the bed, I took turns tickling my son and then my daughter and both were giggling and eating up the attention. My son kicking his chubby little legs and my daughter rolling around hiding under the covers. My mom just watched us and told me I was the best mom. Everytime she says that it doesn't ring true to me. I just love my kids, that's all. Just like any mom should.

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