Monday, May 4, 2009

Sick Day

We have been very fortunate when it comes to our kid's health. Aside from her very scary trip to the ER thanks to an egg allergy, the Weebles really hasn't had so much as a case of the sniffles. However, on the last night of our trip she woke up restless and ended up being quite sick to her stomach over the course of the next couple of hours. She seemed fine the following morning and even had a piece of toast and some corn flakes but then halfway through our six hour trip home I made the super smart suggestion to give her some applesauce and that did not go over well. Let's just say that three hours in a car that smells not so nice with a toddler that doesn't feel well isn't my idea of a good time. On the plus side I finally was motivated to take the Britax apart and wash it... When she isn't actually throwing up she has seemed to be in a fine mood, no fever no other symptoms. However, today she is refusing to eat. Reason number 1,354 that I am thankful for breastfeeding. At least she is getting some calories and hopefully enough fluid to stay hydrated. I have a call into the advice nurse. I'm hoping this is just a perfectly normal virus and that I am just spoiled that this kind of thing hasn't happened sooner. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that this isn't something that gets passed around. I really would be a mess if the Peanut was sick too.

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