Friday, May 15, 2009

Playing Favorites

I have heard different opinions on this from different parents and my own personal belief is that *if* I did end up finding myself feeling a closer bond with one child over the other I would go to the ends of the earth to not let them find out about it. Some parents swear they love their children equally and others make no secrets that they have favorites. After being the parent of two for a whopping four months I am starting to form an opinion on the subject. If you had asked me six months ago, or even three months ago if I was going to have a favorite I would have said absolutely not. But secretly I felt that I would never love anyone like I love my daughter. Now that my little man is here I can easily see how I will love all my children enormously but in different ways. As for a favorite I don't think that is a question that will be answered the same all the time. For example, right now the Weebles is at a bit of a difficult stage. The Peanut is just now really coming into his own and showing his little personality. He's at a super fun stage so parenting him is easier right now. In a matter of weeks or months it might change again. And then there will be those blissful times when the planets align just so and they are both at awesome stages of development. Of course I suppose there might also be times where they are both at difficult points... let's not go there 'kay?

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