Thursday, May 28, 2009

20 Random Things : Me

After complaining that nobody ever tagged me in 20 random things, I still haven't bothered to bore everyone with ones about me.
1. I refuse to kill anything, it makes me feel way too guilty. I don't let other people kill things in my house either, karma people.
2. I am very very very squeamish
3. I take a picture of each of my children every day, God bless digital cameras
4. I dislike raw tomatoes
5. I am a grocery store nerd. I love checking out new stores. I wish I lived near a Publix, they are awesome.
6. I don't wear make up, I am too lazy and I have no idea what I'm doing
7. I was on jury duty once for over three months
8. I am scared of depths but heights don't really bother me
9. I didn't pass my driver's test on the first try. A school bus put on its lights RIGHT as I was passing it and I didn't have time to stop. The tester disagreed. Since then I have always been VERY paranoid when I see a school bus. F'real that kid would've had to jump out of a moving bus to be in danger...
10. I must have Chap stick with me at all times.
11. When I get stressed out my feet hurt. I'm not sure what's up with that one.
12. There were only 3 people in my senior class in high school
13. I'm very weird about medicine. I get a little nervous even taking Tylenol.
14. I love going to the beach, but don't particularly care for the sand. I prefer to sit on the deck and just look at it.
15. I wasn't allowed Happy Meals or Play Doh when I was a kid. My daughter gets both as often as she wants. Yes she gets the Play Doh in the carpet and no I do not care. :)
16. I can follow two conversations at the same time as a result of growing up in the same house as my parents who talk at the same time
17. I used to love candles, incense and scented lotion but since having kids can't stand the smell for the most part.
18. Only one room in my house still has white walls and I have plans for those.
19. I have only seen one episode of American Idol
20. I haven't been inside a movie theater in almost 2 years

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