Monday, September 21, 2009

Not all fun and games at the playground

It has become evident to me, yet again, that there were a few things I didn't consider when having kids. One of them became clear to me this weekend when we took the kids to the park. Weebles is really getting into the spirit of the playground. After a couple of minutes getting her bearings she'll climb right on up and start playing. She especially loves all the other kids.

Now I do realize that there are two structures for a reason. One is for little kids like her and the other is geared more towards the bigger kids. So when she insists on going over to the big kid side I do understand that we are the ones that are out of place. That being said... I still think that children should be taught to be careful of others. Ten year olds that insist on running up the slides and then jumping from the top of the 12 foot high structure really should be given a warning by their parents that they could hurt the children trying to use the slide properly and they also could very well break their own leg in the process. Watching my tiny child way up there with some of her new tiny friends try to jump out of the way of the onslaught of large children going the wrong way as they were trying to slide down the slide brought out the mama bear in me. I didn't say anything... I didn't even give the one particular offender the look. At least not at first. This little jerk at one point nearly knocked my daughter over and she was leaning down to sit on the slide. He ran down the slide totally out of control and nearly ran into me where I had been waiting to greet my girlie after her ride down. He then looked me right in the eye and said "I'm gonna kill you!" before running off.

Now... ahem. You have to give me credit here because I didn't say a word to him. But I very nearly said "I'd like to see you try you little fucker..." and I'm not really sure what stopped me. Clearly I'm glad I didn't because he's just a kid, even if he IS a little fucker and his parents should teach him better. But I realized that I'm going to be spending a lot of time with children that aren't mine and some of them I'm just plain not going to like. How do YOU handle the insane out of control kids at the playground?

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