Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day in the life of a Baby Buncher

4:15 AM : I hear the Peanut (8 months old) over the monitor. I head up to his room assuming he is hungry and needs to nurse and will go back to sleep. Error #1: Never assume.

5:00 AM : After much rocking and bouncing and nursing and pleading I give up on him going back to sleep. We head downstairs and I put him in his bouncy seat and turn on Classical Baby. I need at least 20 minutes to mourn the remainder of my sleep.

6:00 AM : The Weebles (just barely 2 years old) wakes up. She has been sleeping, along with her Sing Along Elmo Doll, in our bed for the last month because she absolutely refuses her crib. She plays with her little brother while my husband gets ready for work.

I start load of laundry #1 (sheets)

7:00 AM : Husband leaves for work and I feed both kids breakfast. Note: I didn't say they ATE it. After breakfast I take a shower, which my toddler insists upon joining me for. I let my infant crawl around in our (carpeted) bathroom while we get ready. He bangs on the door to the shower and cries when I won't let him come in too. Total time in shower: 2 1/2 minutes. Error #2 : Don't bother trying to shower.

Switch laundry, start load of laundry #2 (darks)

9:00 AM : Get everyone diapered, nurse the baby, pack up the sippies and snacks, find my keys and cell phone, buckle everyone into the van. Off to run errands. The Peanut falls asleep the minute we pull into the parking lot. Is understandably pissed when I wake him up to go inside. Hey buddy, I know how you're feeling. (see 4:00 AM) Error #3 : Don't try to go out during naptime, even if you know the baby isn't going to sleep if you stay home.

9:30 AM : In Target, Weebles insists we get the huge cart with the little seat for big kids. It is a beast to push around. She sits in it all of about forty five seconds before she bolts. Then I'm stuck chasing her AND pushing around a transfer truck of a cart. I dole out one of those applesauce pouches and she walks calmly beside me for a couple of minutes. "Mommy more applesauce. Mommy more applesauce." Repeat 100 times. Error #4 ALWAYS bring more applesauce.

11:00 AM : Rush back home to feed kids lunch. Note: I didn't say they ATE it. Nurse the baby and try to put him down since he only had a five minute morning nap. He's having none of it. Wide awake and ready to go. Let him play in the pack n' play while I read stories and tuck his sister in for her nap. Error #5 : Don't count on eight month old needing any naps whatsoever.

Switch laundry, start load of laundry #3 (towels)

1:00 - 3:00 PM : The Weebles naps. I blog, check email, twitter while the Peanut crawls around and plays in his room. I try to put him down three more times. He finally drifts off and as his little head hits the crib mattress I hear his sister wake up. Error #6 : Don't even let yourself CONSIDER the option of having half hour to yourself while both children nap. You will be disappointed.

Switch laundry, start load of laundry #4 (whites)

3:00 - 3:05 : The Peanut naps. I kid you not.

Spend the afternoon folding laundry, playing blocks, changing diapers, handing out snacks that have an equal chance of getting ground into the carpeting as they do making it into toddler's mouth, changing children's shirts (spit up, water from the sink, baby food, finger paint.. the list goes on), deflecting telemarketers, and in general begging my husband to hurry up and come home.

Switch laundry, start load of laundry # 5 (baby clothes)

5:00 PM : Time to start dinner. Let Weebles' play with water toys on the screened in porch while the Peanut hangs out in the Pack n' Play. Empty dishwasher and reload with dishes that have accumulated during the day.

6:00 PM : Husband gets home. It is all a race from here. The baby is falling apart in his high chair. The Weebs has on no clothes because she got soaked on the porch earlier and insists on sitting on my lap. I feed everyone dinner. Note: I didn't say they ATE it.

7:00 PM : We rush through the bath/pj/teeth brushing routine. I take the baby upstairs and nurse him and tuck him in. Head downstairs to join in with story time with my daughter. The baby is already fussing over the monitor. Husband goes upstairs to rock the baby to sleep while I read stories and tuck in the Weebles. I lie with her while she flips, flops, laughs, sings, crawls under the pillows, and otherwise avoids going to sleep for the next hour and a half.

9:00 PM : Finally both children are asleep. For now...

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  1. Oh, I'm almost crying as I read this. I hope your kids slept through the next night and each took simultaneous five hour naps the next day. Please say they did. Even if they didn't.