Friday, January 1, 2010


I have a lot of hopes for this coming year. Resolutions are generally doomed to be forgotten after only a few days so I think I might prefer to call them "long term goals" instead. Finding patience is definitely at the top of the list. I have improved an immeasurable amount to be sure, but I find that my stores of patience still run thin by the end (okay sometimes the beginning) of the day. The Weebles is in an "emotional outburst" phase and it tends to get my blood pressure rising almost instantly when she kicks into a tantrum for what seems like no particular reason.

Right up there at the top has GOT to be taking better care of myself. Sleep, exercise, eating something that isn't someone else's leftovers, having interests that don't revolve around finding missing pieces to Little People playsets, taking notice of what I put on in the morning (yesterday's jeans anyone? a t-shirt... again??) you get the idea. This one I will be breaking down into smaller short term goals because it will be impossible to make all the necessary changes at once.

Improve the quality of the time I spend with the kids. Some days are superstars... others seem like nothing but episodes of Mickey Mouse Playhouse and time outs. Every chance I get to move more time into the win column I want to take.

Really that is about it. I think overall I want to keep in the forefront of my mind that in order to raise good children, ones that will be compassionate towards others and mindful of the impact they leave around them, I have to mirror all the same qualities I wish for them. That, my friends, is a tall order.

Happy 2010!

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