Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year in Review

This year I have:

Had a baby
Not gotten pregnant again (so far... but I think I'm in the clear)
Not lost one single pound since giving birth on Jan 2nd GO ME!
Not gained one single pound either Grumble Grumble okay I'll take it
Nursed two children for an entire year
Not slept all the way through the night even once
Done somewhere in the neighborhood of 625 loads of laundry
Survived a son of a bitch case of PPD
Survived a simultaneous case of colic
Not killed my husband or anyone else in the process
Started a blog
Met so many kick ass bloggers
Spent approximately 1500 hours online
Witnessed my daughter learn to speak in complete sentences, sleep in her own room and ditch diapers
Witnessed my son learn to eat, roll over, sit up, crawl, climb, and just recently walk. He's also pretty awesome at waving bye bye and saying NO!
Picked up the pieces to my kids' Melissa and Doug puzzles at least 1,000 times.
Taken maybe 10 showers uninterrupted
Driven my "non mom" car maybe twice and considering that enough reason to keep it
Bought myself 8 new articles of clothing, yep I can count them
Bought my children 20 times that many
Watched Classical Baby about 700 times
Told my children I loved them 9,000 times

Not a bad year. Not bad at all.

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