Friday, January 22, 2010

Silver Linings

I've been missing lately. We've been having fun with this crazy little thing called RSV over here and quite honestly I'm so fried from the stress and lack of sleep that I haven't even felt like stringing a set of words together and smacking it on the internets. All hope is not lost however. I like to try to find the positive. Here are my favorite things about having two small children with a serious virus:

Diaper changes haven't been a wrestling match. The kid actually lies still.

Bedtimes aren't a fight. Both kids are more than ready to conk out. They don't stay asleep but these are the positives people...

Naps. Lots and lots of naps.

My baby boy has learned to be a snuggler. Even as a newborn he wouldn't sleep in my arms. Now he snuggles in like a champ and drifts off to sleep. He picked this skill up quickly seeing as how he had to sleep being held for four! nights! straight!

We have enough antibiotic on hand to cover our entire family in the event of a terrorist attack. Five entire courses of it as a matter of fact. Hardly any of it that my daughter was willing to touch even upon threat of death or having to go to the doctor for a BIG SCARY SHOT.

Guilt free days filled with no fewer than a dozen episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Plenty of opportunity to hammer out my Hot Dog Dance style and slowly lose my mind.

Not one thought given to the ramifications of having cheese sticks for breakfast. FOR BREAKFAST PEOPLE. It is pure survival around here folks.

My toddler begs to take a bath since it helps her breathe.

I have gotten so little sleep (meaning absolutely none some nights) for the last week that when I go back to being woken up every two hours it will seem wonderful.

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